Posted on July 5, 2016 at 2:30 pm

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Open Letter: Shut up people, it's too much for a rape comment!

Richa, a fashion designer from Mumbai and founder of a fashion design brand StyleIn writes a letter to everyone out there on the Salman Khan rape comment controversy.


This open letter on Salman Khan controversy mentions her comments on why people literally go crazy about petty things, which they themselves do so often.

Richa writes,

AN OPEN LETTER TO EVERYONE OUT THERE!If you guys have guts, then go and punished that real rapists who are still living freely. Only one comment of Salman makes you guys that much angry so why still those real rapists are living freely. Show some bravery and collect some courage to face against the real rapists. Speech is useless but actions can change the world.

And please he also corrected himself afterwards. It was a flow of the moment. Many people use such kinds of example in everyday life, NO?

But what Salman said has become a terror for all! This media trend nowadays to run their shops through comments made by especially “Bollywood Khans”. Those who are saying Salman doesn’t respect women, if I heard this right, recently he gave 10 crores for cancer patients in which women are also included. His love for his mother and sister is known by all.

There are so many major issues in our society which need more attention rather than this comment which is not even meant to disrespect. Recently a rape case happened in Jaipur, where the girl was brutally tortured and murdered. How many of us even know about it? No one, because everyone is busy in criticizing Salman. So stop judging anyone and be more responsible towards our duties.

Although, I am a very big fan of Salman Khan and he’s a great human being. I am not saying it because I am a fan of his but just as a genuine human being that it was just a slip of tongue, it can happen with anyone at any time. It is just a matter of our understanding.

We ourselves enjoy such memes and jokes and we often receive and forward such stuff on WhatsApp and social groups. But when a celeb does it, everyone loses their cool.

It is true that words used as slang can lose some of their original meaning. We’ve become accustomed to hearing “My parents are gonna kill me” and “I’m dying here.”

The use of the word “rape” is carelessly used in both a positive way to represent beating or winning and in a negative way to represent mental or physical injury. If by telling people that they “raped you” or “you raped them”, you are normalizing and trivializing the act. Rape should be treated as a serious issue.

Rape is no laughing or humorous matter. Losing a sports game, playing a video game, or taking an exam is nowhere comparable to being raped. The use of the word “rape” in such a casual way misrepresents the gravity of sexual assault.

There are many rapists roaming freely around India and they don’t even get proved guilty and media and people does not care about them cause they are not a big name as Salman is. If you don’t appreciate him so at least don’t criticize him. He is a superstar and will remain superstar always. All I’m saying is why is only Salman Khan to be targeted? Be fair to all or be fair to none.

Now, Salman Khan has urged his family members to keep quiet and not to make any further comment on it. His movie “Sultan” is all set to release on 6th of July and we cannot wait to see it. As a question posted online by Taran Adarsh, Will Sultan earn more in five days than BajrangiBhaijaan’s opening week? Of more than 12,000 who responded, 62% said most definitely while 25% were doubtful and 13% rated its chances as 50-50.

Anyways, I wish Salman Khan all the best for his upcoming movie Sultan.