Posted on July 13, 2016 at 5:30 pm

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Mrunal and Sweety Jain turn 3!

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Actor Mrunal Jain, currently seen in Yash Patnaik’s Nagarjuna, completed three years of successful marriage in real life with his wife Sweety Jain. He says,

“Marriage is for keeps. Marriage involves love and adjustment. I am happily married. Sweety is a very loving wife. I took her to watch Sultan and we had a good time.”

Mrunal Jain with wife Sweety

Sweety Jain adds,

“Understanding and love is the secret of our three years old successful marriage because if there was no understanding we wouldn’t be together today… Understanding helps us to make our bond more and more stronger. I received a diamond ring and would go for shopping too. Though we fight and argue too and we may not even talk with each other for a short duration but there’s something, some feeling which brings both of us together and I call it love and hope we complete our journey walking hand in hand till the end.”

We wish the happy couple to remain in love forever!

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