Posted on July 9, 2016 at 4:42 am

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#monsoondiaries Arjun Bijlani talks about monsoon season!

Who doesn’t love the rainy season? I mean there is nothing more fun and exciting than going outside and just having a good old time playing in the rain. We had a little chat with the handsome and dashing Arjun Bijlani about this monsoon season and check out what he had to say.


What does the rainy season mean to you?

Fun and very romantic climate.

What are some precautions you take during the monsoon season?

I avoid eating street food.

What are some of your monsoon-related memories?

During my childhood, I remember I used to make paper boats during monsoon.

arjun-bijlaniTell us about some of your likes and dislikes during this time of the year?

I like greenery and its very season to click pictures. I dislike the traffics and it’s very risky to travel during rainy season.

What is your favorite place to visit during monsoon season?

My wife has farm house in Mahableshwar I loving going there.

What are some of the items you must carry during the rainy season?

Umbrella and extra pair of clothes. 

 Describe your favorite type of monsoon music you like to listen to?

I like romantic songs with good lyrics.

What is your favorite food to eat during monsoon time?

Tea and Pakoda made by my wife.

Tell us about a moment you have enjoyed so far with your co-stars?

I remember I was shooting for Mile Jab Hum Tum , I enjoyed a lot with my co-stars.

Arjun definitely knows how to enjoy himself with his family during the monsoon season no doubt!