Posted on July 8, 2016 at 5:54 pm

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"I don't think anyone cries watching television!" Nikhil Sinha

Producer Nikhil Sinha is someone is the industry who is known for his unique story telling talent whether it was Mahadev, Hatim and now Siya Ke Ram he has undoubtedly a magician. Check out what he has to say about his work, the art of entertainment and more!


With a story like Ramayan, known to all, how did it come across to present the story again? Have you managed to achieve what you wanted
with Siya Ke Ram?

More or less yes because Ramayan is still a difficult subject to say because the original Ramayan has many different versions and people are aware of it and it’s i their heads. The point of view we took was a very human point of view rather than taking a typical, religious and devotional. More or less we have been there though the absorption took time but it was accepted nicely.

Do you want to stick to the mytho genre or will we ever see you producing saas-bahu dramas?

I am really interested but again I was opening myself to saas- bahu drama it has gone into major regression where somebody is turning into mosquito, so I was actually understanding the genre and then suddenly I have to re-understand the genre because it has changed to animals. I have to re-study it.


With shows becoming seven days, as a producer do you support the change? What kind of struggles do this bring?

It is a difficult job for the entire production house and others too. It has become difficult for everyone involved and secondly it also affects the quality of the show because how story you will say as the daily show scenario you have limited stories and then you extend them but then you have to extra extend them in many more episodes so that’s why the story falls flat because they are losing the event. I see a cumulative drop where the entire industry is dropping the viewership is reducing and TRP’s going down. The industry is going towards quantitative than qualitative and so everything is losing track.


With your shows having a film like scale, any plans of moving Bollywood?

Yes certainly, we are short listing good scripts.
Who do you take as your competition in the industry?
Everybody is doing their job and everyone has their own expertise so if you working in the same genre is competition than I don’t think that way because it’s such way that everybody is doing their bit and I am too lacking and I have also given quotations that it’s such type of exam that where there’s nothing like who comes first or second.

What is your take on the ‘naagin’, ‘makhi’ tracks that are winning
numbers for producers?

It’s a very tricky thing to say, discuss or understand. Makhi and Naagins are there it’s a tricky situation. A story like Naagin has a good screenplay so first it is the story line, but how you develop is more important but suddenly it has moved to cliche like in Hindi we used to have many stories which have been a big hit with the audiences but what are we giving back to the industry and what are we giving to the future generations is more important and you see the Manohar Kanhaiya is selling more but not giving anything back.


Do you feel regressive content manages to get tears of audience and numbers for channel?

I don’t think anybody cries watching television it is how much music you play just to get them the idea that something is going to happen but in real nothing is going to happen so it’s a visual trick.

What are the new projects in line?

Working on couple of things I can’t discuss right now.

How do you manage family life with such a hectic schedule as a producer?

It affects a lot and you mind is working 24 hours but along with that when your body starts working it becomes difficult. I somehow manage to get some time out of the hectic schedule as you cannot ignore them.