Posted on June 22, 2016 at 2:13 pm

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"Vikram and I are the pranksters on set!" – Shivani Surve

Shivani Surve who plays Vividha in Jaana Na Dil Se Door is one interesting personality. The actress recently made a shift from Marathi series to mainstream television and has been loving it ever since. Her character in the Beyond Dreams venture has been greatly appreciated. We got in touch with the actress to know more about her experience. Here’s what she had to say:

Shivani Surve

Which are the prominent shows you have done ?
The prominent shows which I have done are all. Every single show was very important of my life. Yes but Devyani in that matter.

Which was your last show?
My last show was a Marathi show Tu Jivala Guntavave.

How is it working in Jaana Na Dilse Door?
It’s fantastic and superb working in Jaana Na Dilse Door.

How is it playing the role of Vividha ?
People think every protagonist have the same state but no I feel Vividha is little more real than any other characters in the television.

How much you relate to the character Vividha in Jaana Na Dil Se Door ?
It’s really very difficult for me to relate to the character Vividha because I am like kind of little opposite of Vividha. Like I don’t care for things much but she does care for everything. Yes but I do love my family and even Vividha does. Yes there are little bit similarities. But yes I am knowing her, still knowing Vividha because I still don’t know Vividha completely.

What is the feedback you are getting?
I guess whatever feedback I got till now is they are liking mine and Atharv’s pair. They are finding us cute and thats what we wanted and its happening.

Any interesting incident from the set?
There many incident from the set whenever me and Vikram are together. We are the pranksters on the set. Things keep on happening but the most happening thing I would like to share is I was shopping for myself and randomly one family comes they recognized me as Devyani. I was like then little shocked because we were in Rajasthan and people are recognizing me as Devyani for the Marathi show its really a big thing for me.

Can you cook ? If yes what all … if no why ?
Yes, I cook. I can cook each and everything what are the Marathi delicacies are. I can make perfect round shaped rotis. I can cook Italian, Chinese whatever you want.

Three activities you enjoy doing?
I like reading, horse riding and racing cars!

Favorite Bollywood actors male and female . Why ?
Female I don’t know because every female actor is good. Male I like Hritik the first because his looks and everything is killer. Secondly I like Makrand Deshpande because I love him for the work he do in theatre. So in future I don’t even mind to work theatre with him, doing backstage. So I love him that much.

What changes you find in the industry over the years ?
In the years I have being seeing in the industry it is like very competition thing happening now-a-days and a lot of professionalism is coming which is good. I doesn’t mean that it wasn’t professional earlier now it is like I am talking about the TV industry, it is growing so fast.

How is it working Vikram Singh Chauhan ? Share your rapport with him.
Oh my God. The rapport with Vikram Singh Chauhan is eccentric. We laugh on the sets like we are insane people. If whatever happens on the set people are like search Vikram and Shivani they might be knowing everthing. And also now we are very much comfortable as a friend. If I say anything to Vikram then I am sure he is not gonna mind that. He never feels bad, he never take it on his ego if whatever I say to him.

What difference you find in Marathi television and Hindi television ?
I don’t know why people ask this question so many times and I even don’t know how to react on this. See its only work at the end of the day. It doesn’t mean if its Marathi then I’ll do this or though its Hindi then I do that, no its not like that work wise its always the same.

How is it working with Yash Patnaik and Mamta Patnaik ?
It’s superb. We share a very good rapport with each other. I am very much free to call them because they have given that comfort to call them any moment and talk with them on any topic.

How do you unwind yourself ?
I unwind myself by going somewhere for ride alone. I prefer driving alone with my music.

Any interesting fan experience to share?
I was in Pune for some event and one person came and he started saying I love you, I want to marry you and blah blah. I didn’t know what to react my father was there with me. And my father was like chill we will get out of this shit and that person was like quite serious about what he was saying to me.

What kind of reality shows you want to do?
Right now I am not thinking of any reality show.

What are the hobbies you indulge in?
Racing my car, I like horse riding and in my alone time I like to read books or else I cook for my mom whatever she likes. Also I cook for my family.

What love means to you?
Love means to me is respect. I feel the most important factor is loyalty.

What kind of a person you would like to date ?
The kind of a person I would like to date a guy who is very sensible and he shouldn’t talk more because I am very much talkative and secondly I don’t have a habit of hearing. I want my partner to listen to me all the time.

Describe your dream date?
So my dream date will be in some nice dessert. In the middle of the dessert a small heart lit up romantically. Me and my partner having a glass of wine together.