Posted on June 27, 2016 at 2:00 am

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Urvashi Sharma makes her television debut with "Amma"

A fair warning to everyone “Ek Maa Jo Lakhon Ke Liye Bani Amma” is not a regular daily soap if that what you thinking. The beautiful actress Urvashi Sharma or may of you will know her as Raina Sachiin Joshi made her television debut performance a good one.


The actress who has been seen in a few Bollywood films such as Naqaab, Khatta Meetha, and Aakrosh expresses,

  “The unique story line and the way directors are shooting which is not like a regular daily soap were my reasons for doing the show.It’s a story of a mother and a common woman who becomes a goddess for common people. It’s an emotional story of a woman. She is like the lady Robinhood who does things for people and not for herself. I was amazed when I read the script and the way my character was written. It is the most important character and the dialogues are great. The story is during the partition era somewhere around 1946. The trouble starts when her husband comes to know that she was secretly helping in the freedom struggle and he was not that kind of a person and so he leaves her that’s when her journey began. Farhn P Zamma and our director Navin Sahani is there to guide me whenever I am going wrong.”

Do watch this amazing show and see Urvashi Sharma be a star in the show!