Posted on June 24, 2016 at 2:59 am

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Shivin Narang gets nostalgic during Ramadan!

Shivin Narang is quite the charming personality. Having been raised in a cosmopolitan environment, the actor believes in the equality of all religions.

Several years ago on the sets of Veera, Shivin had even fasted for Ramadan and wishes he could do so this year as well. Commenting on the same he tells us,

“I had observed my muslim friends and colleagues observe the fast since childhood and wished to experience the same. So one year on the sets of a Veera, I decided to hold a fast. It’s a cleansing process filled with positivity. On the professional front, it helped me understand the lifestyle of a Muslim. Who knows one day I might have to play the part. Mumbai is one city where all festivals are celebrated so I thought why not this. I wish I could do it again but this year it won’t be possible as I am busy shooting.”

Hats off to you Shivin for trying something new.