Posted on June 28, 2016 at 10:01 pm

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#ShaadiTrends: What's trending in Wedding town?!

For the last seven years I have linked on the ‘event planning’ aspect to my mom’s catering business in North Carolina. But I’m not here to promote my business, I’m here to share with all the future bride and grooms some of the top wedding trends currently!

This year especially, I have seen a handful of weddings, and some of them are featuring some pretty cool aspects.



1. Bridesmaids and Groomsmen? YES or NO!?

If you are an Indian born in America, you are probably not sure whether or not having ‘bridesmaids’ and ‘groomsmen’ is acceptable, or needed?

Well its definitely trending, and the only purpose of having them is so your photos look super amazing! Its also a great aspect to add during the ceremony for added friends to walk down the aisle and during the wedding party introduction during your reception.

I definitely love this idea and its fun! Of course if you’re on a budget, then hashing out whether they will pay for their own outfits or you will becomes a difficult aspect to sort out.


This is easy, priceless, and again super fun! Creating a wedding hashtag for your wedding is so simple, they even have wedding hashtag generators out there to help you out. Just don’t forget to notify your guests…

An easy way to tell your guests is to get the hashtag and details on what to do printed out on cards and place them in various places of your venue during the wedding weekend! And if you want to go an extra mile and show off what everyone is posting while using the hashtag, you can air it on a projector screen during the reception using a third party application!


3. The Intro Video of the Bride and Groom!

This is another tech oriented aspect which involves multiple cameras, a drone, and a fantastic quick editing team.

Prior to the bride and groom entering as ‘husband and wife’ into the reception, a video is projected for your guest to see. The video is typically a summary of all the wedding festivities that have been going on all week up till the wedding ceremony itself. It can be portrayed as a digital thank you speech from the bride and groom to all the guests, or just a fun clip.

I love this, and have seen it at the last two weddings I went to and it was simply beautiful.

Budget wise, you’d have to find a great team to shoot, edit and execute in a short amount of time for a good price!

4. The Snapchat Geo Filter!

Again another fun tech aspect to add and super fun too. I had the chance to venture into this idea at the last wedding I planned, and it was fun, easy and the guest had a blast utilizing the snapchat geo filter for the wedding.

This is totally something I would invest in being a social media geek. Its a bit pricey, but if you have some space to spend a couple hundred bucks on something interactive for your guest to do- then go for it!

And of course don’t forget to notify your guests with similar signs like the hashtag.


These right now are probably the latest shaadi trends, and they are a must for your wedding! Save these ideas and don’t forget to use them. We’ll share more shaadi trends soon exclusively on Urban Asian! And if you have fun #ShaadiTrends to share with us, tweet at us and tell us what they are.