Posted on June 21, 2016 at 11:41 am

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"My father taught me to use money wisely!" – Adaa Khan

Adaa Khan who is in the big league courtesy the success of Naagin lives with her father Abbas and her mother passed away a few years ago.

Adaa Khan

She says,

“After mother went away, I became more close to my father.”

On being asked if it was easy to get into entertainment industry she says,

“He was a very strict father. My mom really had to convince him for this industry. Now my father is very happy to see my success and encourages me. He loved all my shows and he also currently enjoyed watching me in Naagin. I feel that if I need a particular day to make my father feel special I fail as a daughter. Everyday when a child makes his/ her father proud of them is father’s day in true sense”.

On being asked what is the common thing you like to do with him she says,

“ He loves to watch TV with me and go to restaurants and travel too. I have learnt from my father that family always comes first because I have seen him sacrifice his happiness for the sake of his family as he had to stay away from his loved ones. He also taught me to spend money wisely but most importantly not to be a miser. The best gift I got from my father is my dearest mom. I a m blessed to have a father like him”