Posted on June 27, 2016 at 2:34 pm

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Mrunal Jain grey-ed up!

Television’s newest villain, Mrunal Jain has decided to stir things up a bit with his new look. The actor, who is currently essaying the role of Shankachruna in Naagarjun, added spunky to his character by wearing grey shaded contact lenses to befit his eerie personality on the show.


Commenting on the a same he says,

“I am wearing grey lenses. Its my own idea. It really makes me look more intense. The character wears it according to the requirement when he transforms himself into the evil character. The feedback I am getting is very good. The show’s word of mouth is good. Producer Yash Patnaik is an innovative and new age producer who has made a good show. I am being given freedom to experiment as an actor with my looks”.

Well we must say it’s an interesting look indeed!