Posted on June 20, 2016 at 11:25 pm

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"Every day is music day!" – Arjuna Harjai

Music is the one thing in the world that binds us all together. Arjuna Harjai, who has given music for the popular song, “Akhiyaan Ne Akhiyaan Nu” from Do Lawjo Ki Kahani is a music director with a bright future. It is world music day today, so of course, we had to know his thoughts.

He shared,

“Music is oxygen, it keeps me alive. My favorite singer is Rashid Khan Saheb. He would just hit one note and it connects straight to your soul. For my fans, you are the one responsible to make songs popular and I would hope that more people should learn music so they could appreciate better. Every day is ‘Music Day’ for me but such days are important so that everyone can celebrate collectively and spread great music.”

We completely agree with him!  Every day is music day!

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