Posted on June 27, 2016 at 3:02 am

Fashion Featured What's Happenin'

Designers Ajay Sinha and Bujay grace New Delhi contemporary fashion gala!

New Delhi’s Rotary Club organized a gala event and seminar on Fashion in the Contemporary World. The evening was high on fashion and class and highlighted evolving trends in fashion. The who’s who of Delhi indulged in fashion walk, followed by an interactive session and discussion on forthcoming trends in fashion.

Ace designer duo Ajay Sinha and Bujay from Buzjay Fashion Studio were the chief guests of the event as they were invited by Rotary Club to be guest speakers for the evening. Designer Ajay Sinha addressed everyone on the subject while presenting living demonstration.He said,

“Fashion keeps changing and evolving with time but one should follow fashion according to season, occasion and own personality and make one’s own fashion statement.”

Abha Jha Choudhary, famous TV anchor, social activist, and host of the evening from Rotary Club, commented,

“Today’s evening was any eye opener for many on prevailing trends of fashion, everyone present on the occasion were very enthusiastic to meet designers Ajay Sinha and Bujay. Today’s evening was very meaningful and unique in conveying the message of being fashionable human.”

Also present at this occasion were fashion and image director Raj Chahra, fashion stylist Ronik Rana, Malini and Rajiv Shodhi, among many prominent personalities.