Posted on June 1, 2016 at 9:44 am

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Amal Sehrawat and Dhruv Singh's Veerappan Diaries!

Good friends and co-stars Amal Sehrawat and Dhruv Singh share the same taste when it comes to movies. It’s no wonder that the duo had a blast at their recent movie outing. Amal and Dhruv caught up on their action adventure thriller by gazing on the much talked about real life story Veerappan.

Commenting on the same Dhruv says,

Veerappan is a very good film. I think after a long time Ram Gopal Varma has come out with flying colors. Sandeep Bhardwaj was superb very humble guy. I wish him all the luck, all the success because I think he is doing a terrific job and as Veerappan he was superb. Me and Amal Sehrawat usually go out often. This was after a long time went out but usually makes plans because we live in the same building and he is a brother from different mother. I would like to do film like Veerappan

Amal adds,

Veerappan is a gripping thriller , powered by strong acting specially by Veerappan and his wife, Ram Gopal Varma is back and back with a bang. The best thing about the film is breath taking locations, camera angles, Storytelling, background music, hit and miss moments and on top of it all direction of Ram Gopal Varma. I loved the transformation Sandeep has bought on screen, all appreciation to him for it, in real life he is a very calm and intelligent person.I would like to do a film like Veerappan one day.”

It looks like these two loved the film! Have you caught the film yet? Share your thoughts with us!

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