Posted on June 1, 2016 at 3:34 am

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Allu Arjun pips Ranveer Singh with his FB following!

Looks like the current young favorite in B-Town Ranveer Singh is going to have to give into Telugu young superstar Allu Arjun when talking about their online fan mania. When looking at their Facebook fan page, one can’t help but notice the disparity – with Allu Arjun racing way ahead with a following of over 1 crore and Ranveer with numbers over 50 lakh!
Says an industry marketing analyst,
Facebook has proven time and time again to be a space where loyalty of fans can be judged. When you like a page, you engage with every update and your response to it as a fan is on your stars page for posterity making your involvement and adulation for the star proof for all to see. That’s why excessive merit is given to FB as an engagement medium. Telugu star Allu Arjun has recently delivered a monstrous hit at the BO with Sarrainodu where he focused heavily on engaging with his FB fans to ensure they convert to more than just likes or comments – to ticket sales. Very few people including B-Town actors really get how to use their fan base to convert to numbers at the box office. Others who do include Riteish Deshmukh, Shruti Haasan etc. While Ranveer is active on FB, his content does not generate as much engagement. and the comparison of numbers is proof of the pudding.”
Furthermore, brands today too check the social media healthy of celebrities before engaging them to be their brand faces. The brand team isolates every medium and judge them independently, Facebook taking precedence more and more these days. Basis this trend, we can foresee Allu Arjun garnering alot more brand attention courtesy his online engagement and box office results“, concludes the source
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