Posted on May 28, 2016 at 1:13 am

Bollywood Featured What's Happenin'

Richa Chadha comes out and talks about the struggles of the scene!

I applaud Richa Chadha for coming out and talking about this issue. This video will not only inspire you but make you confident that you can achieve anything in life. Richa Chadha recently braved and came out in the open about the various harsh realities of the glamorous industry. Her strong and brave stance to speak about in acceptance of the existence of eating disorders as a straggly for many was something social media was abuzz with. In today’s world of media it isn’t easy to talk about such issues which are close to these actors but when we see them act in films we don’t realize that they to have a real life behind the camera. Richa was able to not only tell her story but also convey a message to the people who are also dealing with such issues. The Delhi Technological University had invited Mrs.Richa Chadda to give a talk at TEDxDTU, and might we add what a great turn out it was!

Her revelations at the talk about her struggle as a young actress and the many transformations that she was asked to do to look better only show us the non-acceptance of certain kind of looks in the industry and opens up a discussion of what “perfection” means to many.

Richa who addressed these many struggles and issues did so as she was invited by TedX talks in Delhi to speak as a young influencers and she strongly felt the platform was perfect to ignite a conversation about a disorder which has so little acknowledgement  and perhaps help stir a conversation to help others who suffer from it. In India, eating disorder exist but the terminology and its consequences are still unknown to many.


If you are dealing with this issue seek help and talk to someone it’s not worth going thru the struggles. We hope Richa message helps many with this issue which many have.