Posted on May 6, 2016 at 11:29 pm

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Paritosh Painter shows real problems with a pinch of humour in Selfie: The Play

Paritosh Painter, who’s known in the theatre circuit to do things differently, has done it yet again with his latest play ‘Selfie’. His latest directorial is an all women play starring well-known names Rupali Ganguly, Deepshikha Nagpal, Madhurima Nigam, Urvashi Sharma and Lucky Morani. Produced by Ideas Entertainment, the play has managed to lure many across the city. It highlights the reality of the lives and the problems of women and how they face it.



The critics have a given a thumbs up to the play which deals with the complex lives of women and presents it in a light hearted way with a pinch of humor to it.

Overwhelmed with the response, here’s what the director Paritosh has to say,

“I’m very honored and grateful at the same time, for the appreciation Selfie The Play has received. I wanted to bring to everyone’s notice the hurdles women face and how they survive everything and become even stronger. Our work is far from over, but what we’ve accomplished in this play has made a difference in hundreds of people’s lives. Let’s roll up our sleeves and continue this journey with even more dedication.”

Both the director and the play have received a lot of appreciation from the industry. Here’s what some well-known celebs had to say-

Kashyap Sompura– Comedy not being Paritosh’s forte he has still done a good job! This is the first time we are working on a social subject! Play has turned out superb!

Atul Tiwari– Paritosh’s Endeavour is very challenging and much more difficult, he has been doing it very well and I’m sure he will keep on doing it that way

Smilie Suri & Ridhi Dogra– The play is very nice. Whatever has been shown in the play does happen in reality.

Rajendra Mehra– Content is very strong. These are real problems that Paritosh has shown.

“I’m very happy to see someone has given a serious thought to the problems women face and made this play! Very proud to see Paritosh and the whole team work so hard for this!”

Mahesh Thakur– I was very stirred with the whole concept of the play and Madhurima Nigam’s character (Pooja) touched me the most”-

Joy Fernandes: The idea with which the play has been adapted, uses a lot of logic coupled with fun. The subject is very nice, it has 5 women! So Paritosh must be becoming quite bold and how!

The official song of Selfie The Play that was recently released looks like the Selfie anthem for today’s youth! Composed by Kashyap Sompura and sung by the very famous Aditi Singh Sharma this song too received a lot of love from the audiences. The show has been going houseful for the past three weekends and continues to receive positive response from the viewers across the nation.

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