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#Interview The Inspirational Talented author Bilal Siddiqi

Author’s have their way of words when it comes to writing books, poetry or even stating quotes. I got the chance to interview that talented and young author Bilal Siddiqi and when speaking about him only one word comes to find “Inspiration”. At such a young age he was a success and he has written books that make you so engrossed in the story line that you basically never want to put the book down. When Bilal had teamed up with Emraan Hashmi to write about “The Kiss of Life”  the passion he has in writing can truly be seen. The vivid details that were used throughout the book make you feel part of it and automatically engrossed to the story line. Bilal has become an inspiration, a role model, a person who knows that keeping your audience constantly engaged is the key to being a great author. Check out my interview with him.

1.What inspired you to become a writer?

I have always been an avid reader. I think storytelling comes naturally to me. Writing is a process one develops over time. I always loved the idea of creating a new world with real people and have them do things you’d like them to do. To bring it all to a satisfying end, something which doesn’t quite always happen in reality.

2.When writing the book “The Kiss of Life” with Emraan Hashmi how did it feel to go down that path with him when recalling all those events that happened to Ayaan?

It was quite a journey. Right from the time I met him first until today, he has been an inspiration. Because of his films, you seem to have a preconceived notion about him. He breaks those perceptions in exactly two minutes. As for the book, it was quite a heart wrenching journey for me, just as a writer. I can only imagine what he might have gone through as a father. I could see him choke up sometimes, when he would recall some instances. I can say that this book has changed me as a person, for sure.


3.Describe your most favorite place to write?

I love writing in dark, silent places. Be it my room, a hotel room, an office cabin, whatever. I can’t handle too many people around me when I actually get down to the act of writing. So it’s more about the atmosphere than the place itself.

4.How were you approached by Emraan when it came to his book?

It all happened very organically. Hussain Zaidi sir took me along one day to meet him. They were discussing the book (for it to be published under Blue Salt, an imprint run by Hussain sir for Penguin). Soon after that, my first book, The Bard of Blood launched. Emraan launched it. Right after that Emraan, Hussain sir and Milee from Penguin decided that I’ll write it. So I was hesitant, because I was a fiction writer and didn’t know if I’d do justice. But then I realized, it’s a challenging story, but one that needed to be told.

5.Did you feel the connection as if you were there with Ayaan through his whole journey when writing?

I did. I went through the pain through Emraan’s eyes. Probably, not the same way he did. The magnitude of that would’ve crushed me. But I still did empathize and it was important for me to, in order for the readers to.

6.Your favorite chapter in the book “The Kiss of Life”?

The first chapter. Almost every one I’ve spoken to has cried after having read it.

7.If you hadn’t pursed the career of becoming a writer what would you have done then?

I really don’t know. Something more secure, perhaps.         

8.How did it feel to see the finished product of the book and see how it had become popular over night?

I felt a great sense of accomplishment. I was so happy that Emraan’s dream of having this book out there was realized. It’s a book straight from his heart and so if people are liking it, I’m really glad what he set out to do is coming to fruition.


9.You have written many other books in the course of your career do you feel that “The Kiss of Life” was one of your best book? If so why?

I’ve written two. My first was The Bard of Blood, a fictional thriller in Balochistan. The Kiss of Life is non-fiction, not a zone I thought I’d end up writing in so soon. But I’m glad it happened. The entire experience of writing it is one I’ll always cherish.

10.How do you know that when you write a book this element or piece of detail will grasp the audience attention?

I don’t write it with that in mind. Just want to tell the story in the best way possible.

11.Favorite author?

Hussain Zaidi, my mentor. Daniel Silva. Khaled Hosseini. Lee Child. And now, Emraan Hashmi.

12.What is your favorite genre to read?

Thrillers, Spy-Fiction, whodunnits, etc

Looking forward to reading more from Bilal in the future and we wish him the best of luck on this journey as a writer and to keep being an inspiration to others!

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