Posted on May 7, 2016 at 1:11 pm

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“I am lucky to be part of Siddharth Kumar Tewary’s show” – Saurabh Pandey

Saurabh Pandey is one talented soul. As Krishna of Suryaputra Karn, he has managed to steal heart of audiences with just one look. We sat down with the actor to speak of his experience as part of a about Siddharth Kumar Tewary venture and his on going track with Navi Bhangu. Here’s what he had to say:


How is it working with Navi Bhangu as a co-star ?
He is a very moody type person. Sometimes he acts funny but sometime he is very much serious. It is sometimes really confusing. I have to actually play like Krishna with him sometimes. He is like a brother. Sometimes we both really do a great job but sometimes I have to push him. So that’s how it happens.

What is the forthcoming sequence ?
Recently the Bhagwat Geeta is on and Arjun(Navi Bhangu) got so much lessons in his life that he is very much impressed and he is happy to know more about Bhagwat Geeta also. He is like the same thing is written in Guru Granth Saheb and Bible also. He read Bible also and same thing is written so it was a very en-lighting experience for both of us. And for me going for Bhagwat Geeta, preaching for Bhagwat Geeta was a blessing. We have shot six episodes of Bhagwat Geeta together. So a lot of shooting happened between both of us. So now in the upcoming sequence is I will be taking the form of Maha Krishna which will be shown in Vishwa Roop, which will be the actual form of God. After that the first day of Mahabharata will begin with lot of action in it. All of us have been shooting for all the sequences from past two weeks. So all the actors of Suryaputra Karn are together on one field in Mahabharat fight.


What is the feedback you getting as Krishna?
It’s unbelievable. People say you are born again as Krishna to preach us again. And maximum people say this :whenever we pray we see your face as Krishna. I was like all this glories and these words to Him not me. That’s what I say. So they are very happy. Couple of days back I wrote, “I surrender myself to God, and then He does everything.That’s why we see so much of divinity and we feel that brings smile on our face”.


How is it working with five Pandavs ?
All the Pandavs are very chilled out, very awesome. Navi Bhangu (Arjun), Ketan Krande (Bheem), Kanan Malhotra (Yudishtir), Buneet Kapoor (Nakul), Suchit Vikram Singh (Sehdev) are all good. Kanan keeps cracking lot of jokes. We all have a blast.

How is it working with producer Siddharth Kumar Tewary?
He is here on the set right now actually and probably he is here taking care of everything with our creatives. Usually producers don’t come to the set but he is one dedicated producer who is totally involved creatively with his shows. He keeps guiding us and his feedback is always valuable.I am lucky to be part of his shows previously Razia Sultan and now Suryaputra Karn.

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