Posted on April 20, 2016 at 5:26 pm

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"Zubaan was a refreshing experience." – Meghna Malik

Versatile actress Meghna Malik has got a lot of positive response for her last film Zubaan which released couple of weeks back.

Talking about her experience in Zubaan, Meghna says,

The film team has a lot of passion which I could witness from day one when we started reading our narrations and then traveled to workshops to rehearsals. Mozez Singh the director of the film is a debutant and then there is Raghav and Vicky, they all were very focused and there was a lot of positivity around the set and with full enthusiasm.

meghanamalikMeghna who has been always known for her versatility is very choosy with her roles. She has this sophisticated look which actually gives an impression that she is capable of portraying a complex character.

So how does Meghna feel about it?

Yes, complex roles attract me. I have always worked with the people whom I know them through work. For an example when I worked with Nasiruddin Shah in Yu Hota Toh Kya Hota, he directed the film- we know each other through theater and then Mozez offered me Mandira Sikand after a long time. Mozez and I know one another through television plus I have worked with him previously.

Meghna also shares how she was surprised when Mozez and the well known casting director Mukesh Chabra offered her the role of Mandira Sikand. She adds,

Ammaji was a huge role and the role left a huge impact on the audience, so when I got the offer for this role who is 360 degree opposite to Ammaji I was surprised. I guess only they could visualize me as Mandira. And also post Ammaji I have received similar roles, but I have not done a single one. Mandira is a very complex character and it was challenging for me to play this role on camera.