Posted on April 12, 2016 at 1:33 pm

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What's the secret behind Arti Singh's name?

We all know that Krishna has got two mothers in his life. Mother Devki who gave him birth and mother Yashodha who brought him up. That is exactly what happened with actress Arti Singh. When Arti was born, her biological mother passed away and before dying Arti’s mother gave her to a cousin sister in law who was also her best friend. Arti’s real brother Krushna Abhishek was one and a half years old that time.

Arti Singh

Throwing more light on this Arti says,

“I was a premature baby and weak too, while dying my mother Padma gave me to her best friend who is also her cousin bhabhi. She used to stay in Lucknow so I was brought up there.”

So was there any uncomfortable situation when she got to know about her being adopted ? Arti says,

“Never ever did I feel bad. I always knew the whole story and I was very comfortable with it. I have a brother there too and he always loved me like his own younger sister. My mother always showered so much love and affection that I never realized that I am her adopted daughter. I am blessed and lucky that after losing my own mother I got her.”

In Mumbai Arti had her own biological father who took care of Krushna Abhishek. Taking about him Arti adds,

“For my father it was even more challenging because he used to give love to Krushna as mother and father both as he used to fulfill the double role. He is a great father. He lost his wife at early stage but never got married after that. And then when I was five years old my adopted father died so my mother single handedly raised me up. So Krushna never got a mother and I never got a father in our childhood.”

Arti feels her mother is more like a friend to her and she feels that her mother is her God.

“My mother stays in Lucknow, I visit her in every two months. She is my God. I am thankful to almighty who have sent her for me. I use Singh as my surname and Krushna is actually Abhishek Sharma but uses Krushna Abhishek.”

What a beautiful bond!