Posted on April 2, 2016 at 7:39 pm

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Vikram shocks all with documentary on swingers!

As if the sexilicious teasers and trailers of his upcoming film Love Games weren’t enough.

Director Vikram Bhatt has further shocked everyone with his documentary on swingers. The filmmaker who in his new film gives a sneak peek into the scandalous sex lives of the high society where swinger parties are not unheard of, reveals that the concept of partner swapping is no more a bedroom secret only of the rich.


In fact, his four minute documentary shows how the concept is becoming a reality with the upper middle class too and that there are already online sites catering to these needs. He says,

The idea is not to titillate but to accept that these things are also happening. We are not judging whether it’s right or wrong, merely holding a mirror.

The documentary has some swingers share their experience and it also talks about online sites like Tinder becoming a major hit with the Indian masses.

Vikram adds,

It just goes on to show that we are far more open and accepting than what we are made out to be.

The filmmaker along with Mahesh Bhatt and the star cast including Tara Alisha Berry, Gaurav Arora, and Patralekha showed the documentary at a recently held event. And gauging by the response both the film’s promos and the documentary have been getting, Vikram admits that the word bold has indeed been redefined.