Posted on April 22, 2016 at 12:56 am

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True blue Fan Girl moment for Waluscha!

The successful opening of Shah Rukh Khan’s Fan at the Box Office seems to have become talk of the town. And basking in the glory of it is our very own Fan debutante Waluscha De Sousa, who kickstarts her Bollywood dream journey playing the superstar’s wife on screen. And playing King Khan’s lady love does have its perks! She is one lucky gal to bag this role!

Waluscha (22nd January 2016)1011 (1)

Recently, when Waluscha visited a store she often frequents in her neighbourhood in Bandra, she experienced what one may well call her first “Fan moment”. As she was picking up stuff down the store aisles, she had a bunch of four young girls walk up to and tell her how stunning she looked on-screen and off screen and that they look forward to seeing more of her in films soon. She was extremely humbled by this completely new experience and realized the fact that her being in Fan and SRK’s lady-love has put her right up there on the Bollywood map. Welcome to B-Town Waluscha! Needless to say, get set for a whole lot of Jabra fan encounters!