Posted on April 2, 2016 at 1:35 am

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Telly-town reacts to Pratyusha Banerjee’s death!

The world of television has been shocked by the untimely death of Balika Vadhu actress Pratyusha Banerjee. The Bigg Boss 7 contestant was rushed to Kokilaben Ambani Hospital after she hung herself in apartment early Friday morning. As part of the aftermath, a number of co-stars and friends are reacting to her death. Here is what the industry has to say about the talented actress.


Shashank Vyas: Pratyusha was full of life. She was my first Anandi.I have fond memories of her. I had not imagined she would do something as drastic as suicide. I thought its an April Fool prank when I got a call from a friend. When i realized the gravity of situation I rushed to Kokilaben Hospital. I couldn’t see her face as police didn’t allow anyone to go inside. May her soul rest in peace.

Ssharad Malhotraa in yellow

Ssharad Malhotraa: I am too shocked since the time I have heard of Pratyusha’s suicide. Its disheartening to know the reality. I feel one must have the right support system and one must share oneself with people. Keeping your emotional self happy is very important.

Mrunal Jain

Mrunal Jain: I was at the cricket tournament and I was shocked on hearing the news. I didn’t know her personally but as a fraternity actor am too stunned. I feel emotional support is very important given the nature of our profession. One must value the emotional support and unconditional love which you may get from your friends and family.

Vahbbiz Dorabjee

Vahbbiz Dorabjee: I am shocked and shaken. All I can say is suicide is not an option. She should have fought it. Life is a gift and everyday you should wake up and value it.I don’t think this is only about our industry or being an actress.I just went through it last month with my school friend. She committed suicide and left everyone devastated. It’s about the world now days and people they don’t want to fight it.You have to wake up each day and be a fighter and surround yourself with loved ones and keep yourself diverted.Love yourself before you love anyone else.and you cannot take your life, it’s selfish. You have killed your family members by doing this.


Ssudeep Sahir: I am extremely shocked and saddened by the news. I can not understand why anyone would take their life for anything be it personal or professional. But at the same time it’s easy to say this from an outsider’s perspective . She must have been really depressed to take an action like this. I really wish she had tried to reach her family and friends before taking a step like this. Be it this industry or any other, our families are always with us and one should not forget that. We might end our pain but the misery we leave for the ones who care for us is even worse. RIP Pratyusha.

Gaurav Sharma

Gaurav Sharma: I am shocked. Life is very precious for anyone to commit suicide. I wish she had asked for support from her friends and family. Emotional support is a necessity in today’s lives. One must value the people who matter. Right emotional support is more important than anything else.


Meghna Malik: It’s shocking and greatly saddening, but more than that it makes me angry.Its pure anger.

Amal Sehrawat

Amal Sehrawat: I was totally shocked and for a moment thought somebody is trying to make me April fool . I don’t think because every person has different reaction to stress and disappointments, it has nothing to do with profession.

Karan Ambardar

Karan Ambardar : I think it is very unfortunate that she had to take this drastic step a waste of life. May here soul rest in peace. No matter what the situation might have been taking your own life isn’t the solution. It’s a rather selfish and cowardly act. With the kind of fast paced lifestyle that television actors lead very rarely works you find someone whose mind and body are in sync. So busy with their life that they forget to be in control of situations or be in touch with their emotions which might lead to a nervous breakdown when things start going south. But in no way this should be used as an excuse to end your life. I repeat it’s not the solution but just a quick escape from situations that one’s needs to tackle.


Ajay Chaudhary: A friend of mine had called and gave me this news. I thought it is some April fool joke but ironically I was passing from ambani hospital land decided to check if the information is correct. I was shocked and am shocked with what all happened.I reached the hospital at 7 pm. Her body came around 6-6.30. When you know body reached and she is dead how come police turned up at 9.45. Who did what is immaterial. If a celebrity like Pratyusha is not attended by police for so long what about the common man. Apparently boyfriend only brought her to hospital. Boyfriend Rahul Raj Singh was atleast present for half an hour and he could go away from there cooly;had the system been in place and police turned up timely boyfriend would have been easily accessible and not missing. I feel it is very important to have the right support system. One must have a mentor in life to whom one can access anytime and take guidance and support each time one is low or directionless.

Prasad Barve

Prasad Barve: I can’t really comment what she did it is really sad but I would only say in any field there are challenges and one should be ready to face it in one of my recent play I’ll say a dialogue that a writer named Albert Camus says, ”A person can definitely come over any problem or difficulties provided he looks at those problem and difficulties contemptuously”. Our play in Marathi Aashadh Bar in a way speaks about all these problems it’s a must watch for every person in the industry.


Laksh Lalwani : Had worked with her once she was such a down to earth and easy going person. I believe that every actor is very sensitive. One bad move and if affects them a lot. Specially those who are close to them. May god be on her side and on her family’s side. I’m still not able to accept the fact.


Sandeep Anand : I am deeply saddened to hear about Pratyusha Banerjee. We work in a very hectic schedule, television is a commitment itself and I feel you have to manage both the sides equally but if you think about your designation you have to be very careful about any step you take forward in your life. Big power brings big responsibilities to you, towards family and if you are an actor then for the world also don’t know what prompted her to do this. May her soul rest in peace.

Krishna Gokani

Krishna Gokani: I am shocked, devastated and extremely sad after knowing her sudden suicide news. I think to actors lack security to a very high level. Professionally and personally I guess it would be a whole new different world for them once they are more secured and not exploited. How many more Pratyushas/ Divya Bhartis/Jiah Khans are we to loose before we wake up.