Posted on April 29, 2016 at 1:15 pm

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Ssudeep and Anantica Sahir complete ten glorious years!

Dream Girl’s very dreamy boy Ssudeep Sahir is every girl’s dream but there is only one lucky girl in his life. Ssudeep and his beautiful wife Anantica recently celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary.


Speaking on the same the actor states,

“I feel wonderful! How many people can actually say that they are spending their life with their best friend? We’ve been married for 10 years & known each other for 13 years. Honestly it doesn’t feel so long. It has been a beautiful journey.”

The very secret of his successful marriage is that they have no secrets between them and having each other for the support they always need. For Ssudeep every year is different and memorable and he looks forward to the wonderful next year. Spending quality time is what all couples need and so the couple Ssudeep and Anantica are holidaying in Dubai with close friends and later will be heading to Abu Dhabi. When asked will he work on a project written by his better half he replied,

“Of course! She’s immensely talented very hard working, dedicated to the craft. I would love to work with someone like that.”

Well Ssudeep, I’m sure your wife feels the same about you. Here’s wishing you and Anantica a very happy anniversary!

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