Posted on April 1, 2016 at 2:17 pm

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Sandeep Anand gets candid about his college life!

Sandeep Anand, who is currently seen as Sajan Agarwal in May I Come In Madam?, has high regards for education. The actor is quite attached to his college life and misses the time he spent at Vikram University in Ujjain. Speaking on the same, he shares with us some of the most memorable moments of his college life. Here’s what he had to say about his old historic college:

Sandeep Anand

What was the first day of college like?

I have never been regular in college and did my graduation because I needed a degree for National School of Drama. But unfortunately I didn’t pass the entrance exam and then I came to Bombay.I was more into extra curricular actives and NCC (National Cadet Cops)

Were you ever ragged?

No. Being a small town there were many gangs bt they never touched or harassed me because I was a very friendly person and also the cutest and smallest looking guy in college! (Laughs)

What was your academic experience like?

All the professors were very good because my nanaji’s friend was a professor ther too so most of them knew me and were good to me. I was a sharp student and very good at grasping studies. I was not at all regular to class and used to study just one day before the exam and read those 6 subject book with important 20 questions. It was said that out of those 20 questions only any 5 will come. I used to wake up at around 4 AM and read those important questions and pass the exam with good marks! I would like to confess here that in one of my economic paper I wrote Mohabattein story in the answer with starting and ending with answer lines and my aim was to complete 5 pages for one question. Imagine I didn’t get caught!

What were your favorite eating, meeting, and socializing places?

I hardly had friends from college and the few friends I had were elder to me… there was zoo kind of park called Vikram Vatika and we used to sit there and spend hours chit chatting and munching.

What was your friend circle like?

One of them is an engineer and other one has his own travel business. Other friends are working in Mumbai and most of them are MBA’s now.

Were you a prankster or a bad boy in college?

Well, I was one in school. I recall an incident where I saw a puppy on my way and caged him! Played with him for some time then left him there and headed to school sitting in the class room I realized I have done something bad so during halftime I bunked my class and went to release the puppy gave him biscuits.

What was an eye opening experience for you?

Education surely opens up avenues and mind. Education has to be career oriented. Practical on the job training is very important. The lessons you learn with experience you cant learn any other way. Life itself is a teacher.

Any embarrassing moments you can recall?

I borrowed my sisters two wheeler for my college exam and on my way to college I met with an accident. That guy who bumped into me he broke the front part of the scooty ! I was scared because my sister ever gave me her scooty but since I was getting late. So fought with that guy and asked him for money but he refused! So logged an FIR and went for my exam. After exam I got the money and went home narrated the whole story to my mom and sister was annoyed. She didn’t talk to me for one month!

How had education helped you in your career?

My education didn’t help me in my career but it did help someone else who is no more now! When I came to Mumbai with all my certificates and lived in a small room with an uncle. Then his son came to meet him in Mumbai since he wanted to settle in Mumbai. He was not educated guy but a brilliant by mind. What he did is when I was not at home he copied all my certificates on his name and got a god job. Once I saw my certificates with some chits and his name with same marks and grades! So I understood that those were my copied certificates. I was angry because if he had asked me I would have given but he did this without my knowledge behind my back! My certificates were of no use to me because I already have what I needed for my career. He was happily working with the job but died because of kidney failure.