Posted on April 9, 2016 at 2:24 am

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#RIP: Brooklyn Shanti gives us a celebration of Phife Dawg's musical talent!

Brooklyn Shanti is known for his artistic musical work with creative lyrics which gain strong meaning. Earlier this week we lost a musical talent in the industry and many were in shock. 2016 is the 10 year anniversary of India Bambaataa, and Shanti’s acceptance into Zulu Nation via Afrika Bambaataa. In celebration, he had been working on a number of songs featuring Bambaataa, K~Swift, Mandeep Sethi, Travellin’ Matt, and many of his  Zulu family.

Because technically, ATCQ has been broken up for a couple of years, I knew I wouldn’t be able to get Tip and Phife together on a track, so I sampled their voices and made instruments out of tones from their vocals. I was going to pass this song by Phife, Jarobi, Ali and Tip before placing it onto a release which features Bambaataa and the rest of the family.

In light of this weeks tremendously sad news of Phife’s passing and the fact that there is never a good time for releasing music this way, Shanti dedicate this to the memory of Malik: The original five foot freak who along with the rest of the Native Tongues and Zulu Nation continually inspire us all. RIP Phife Dawg.