Posted on April 13, 2016 at 1:33 am

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Reclaim your youth: Makeup tips for women over 50!

By: Thomas Sujain

They say when ages catch up with you there is no way of reclaiming your youth. Well, this can be debated depending on how you look at it. By taking good care of your skin, you won’t always count the number of years you have been alive by the wrinkles on your face. Good skincare habits will help you shave a couple of years from your actual age.


Healthy glow


Did you know that your choice of makeup, density of the makeup and how you apply it can help you reclaim your youth? Here are some beauty tricks and tips that will help you.

Healthy glow

At this stage of life, having a lustrous healthy glow on the body and face can shave off the years. As age creeps in the glow starts to fade, there is minimal streaking and a lot of buildups and blotchiness especially on the ankle areas, the knuckles and the soles of your feet.

You can safely add some color of youth to your skin by using gradual self-tanners. Use sprays on the rest of the body. For the face, a cream blush will enhance your complexion; it blends well on skin lines and rough perches.

No more glitter

It’s time to get rid of the glitter! Bold and bright eye shadows and any glittering and shimmering products enhance the visibility of wrinkles.

Any product with these features is not flattering on a face that has dark patches and tiny lines.

So the next time you are buying eye shadow, go for the darker shades and lighter neutrals. These are the best for a youthful look.

Opt for pencil liner instead of liquid liner; liquid liner emphasizes the fine and delicate skin around the eye.

Never sleep with your eye makeup on; always use natural eye makeup remover.


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The neck is part of the face

Do not forget that the neck is part of the face and as your face ages, so does your neck. So the same love and care that you give to your face, you should extend to your neck. Moisturize (morning and night), exfoliate (twice or once) and apply sunscreen on a daily basis; this should be a ritual.


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Take care of the hands

You don’t want a gorgeous face coupled with wrinkly hands. Make sure that you wear rubber gloves anytime you do dishes.

The protective lipids on the hands will wear off gradually due to over exposure to hot water and chemicals; this causes dryness and skin irritation.

Moisturize your hands by applying a layer of lotion on your hands anytime you wear rubber gloves. Use hand lotions that contain vitamin E, carrot root extract, safflower seed oil, and aloe Vera to prevent dryness of the skin.