Posted on April 10, 2016 at 3:36 am

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#LoveLetter: I love you Naina, from FAN!

With just less than a week till Shah Rukh Khan’s film FAN releases, actor Rome Chopra gets a hold of the diary from Kal Ho Na Ho and expresses his feelings to his first love, Naina

Rome Chopra is an actor, and founder and CEO of CXC Productions-Culture and Creativity. CXC Productions is a new age house production based in New York City, and this April 20th marks its two year anniversary. Rome, just like most, is a huge SRK fan! But as an aspiring actor he took upon a self challenge and reenacted the infamous ‘diary train-station scene’ from Kal Ho Na Ho.

Rome took a different approach with this particular scene. In the film it is a very emotional and intense moment. In Rome’s version he decided to mix it up to be more uplifting with a different spin on emotions and timing.

He expresses,

I chose to reenact this scene because it is the most common monologue given for auditions in Bollywood, and I wanted to show to casting directors and talent seekers that I can bring my own style to a classic evergreen scene. The scene is especially challenging because the character has to make it seem like he is reading directly from the diary with his friend Rohit’s love notes and messages to Naina.

The biggest challenge for Rome was making it seem like the dialogues first start as if they are being read from the pages, and eventually it just flows from the heart with glimpses of fooling Naina that this whole speech was in-fact written in the diary, and you were just reading it aloud to help a friend. He felt playing on these different instances is what makes this scene so fascinating to Rome as an actor.


Rome adds,

When creating this scene we had the choice to use the same music from the film, but we decided we wanted to add a new element to it. Since the overall performance was different with hints of Shah Rukh Khan’s head movements, lip quivers, and voice modulations, we realized that the original music does not flow well with this adaptation of the scene. Vasanth Vaseegaran’s original score added depth to the character and overall feeling of the iconic scene.

CXC Productions is an independent film production house based in NYC and focuses on generating relevant content for the second generation Indian American.

This collaboration with Urban Asian and Bollyshake marks the start of different platforms recognizing the need for the second generation Indian American to see relevant content and for CXC Productions, Urban Asian, and Bollyshake to build on this newly identified audience more and more.

You can check out the video also on Bollyshake, and check out the official CXC Productions page.