Posted on April 28, 2016 at 12:41 pm

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“Good roles give you sleepless nights” – Ssudeep Sahir

Ssudeep Sahir who was last seen in Dream Girl loved his stint on the show. Now post the show, he recollects some of his most precious moments as the multidimensional Raghu.

Ssudeep Sahir

Ssudeep says,

“It’s difficult because you get attached to the character you play, in the show and the team you work with. Otherwise it’s just an opportunity for you to get on to something new. In the case of Dream Girl, it’s sad because when the show ended it was the no. 2 show on the channel and has the potential to perform even better.”

Is it getting tougher by the day for actors to be chosen in lead roles, especially when the makers want the lead actors to be young, Ssudeep disagrees.

“Well if you know your craft well there will always be a demand. There are so many channels having different shows of different genres, so there’s work for everyone here. I can afford to wait, I’m not in any rush. It’s a matter of time and luck, sooner or later you get the right opportunity.”

Does he feel married actors are less in demand?

“I don’t think it’s like that.”

he says, adding,

“Most of the time the audience does not know your marital status. If that was the case then I don’t think biggest stars of Bollywood would have ever achieved the fame. Marriage doesn’t hamper anyone’s career. In fact, my fan following increased post-marriage. It’s the work that gives you the fan following, marriage has nothing to do with it.”

So what roles will he look for now? Says the actor,

“I’ve been fortunate to play different characters. I’m now looking forward to something which challenges me, something that pushes me, keeps me thinking all the time, something that gives me sleepless nights.”

Since he had participated in Nach Baliye Season 4, are their any other reality shows on the cards? Bigg Boss for example?

“I love the show, but I don’t think I’m cut out for it. One needs to be open to public scrutiny under cameras and I am not open for it.”

But he does agree the reality shows give instant fame.

“There’s a greater audience that watches and follows such shows and most importantly they start recognising you for who you are and your actual name,”

says Ssudeep.

Asked about the funda behind changing his name and whether the extra “s” has helped, he says,

“Well… I do have some faith in astrology, and numerology falls in the same set. I am game for anything that could or might bring extra luck to me (smiles). But once I make a decision, I don’t keep track of whether it has done any good. I just make it a part of me and get on with life. New spelling of my name is Ssudeep and it is vibrantly positive.”

Talking about changes in the industry over the years, Ssudeep says, “It has changed tremendously. Television then was looked down upon and now everyone wants to do television. It gives you instant fame, stardom and money. It’s no more an idiot box.

His wife Anantica is a writer, does that help his profession as well?

“In this industry the only person that can help you is yourself. You got to be focused and determined. Having said that, we are always there to support and guide each other.”

Is he open to playing a young father’s role?

“Why not? I am a young father in real life and would love to play one in reel life too . I’m an actor and will do any role that excites me. I have no hang ups as an actor.”

Talking about being a hands-on father, Ssudeep says that he has never missed a parent-teacher meeting in his son’s school.

“I am really involved, I always want to know what’s happening, what is he learning etc. I feel everything can wait but not his growing years and I want to be a part of his each and every mile stone.”