Posted on April 16, 2016 at 5:24 am

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Filmy Friday: FAN Review

I stepped into the cinema hall today with no expectations, and came out feeling really good. FAN is one of those films that gives multiple messages to everyone, especially to ‘fans’.


Maneesh Sharma’s directed film FAN starring Shah Rukh Khan in and as was just beautiful. It had all sorts of elements, emotion, suspense, drama, and action.

The story is well conveyed through the title and in the trailer too. What I liked most is the topics covered in the film. The very most important message conveyed is that celebrities are human being as much as fans are. They eat, sleep, laugh, cry, and even have a family too. It’s important for us as people to remember this and because they may be living the best life ever, at the end of the day they also do pretty much the same things as we fans do. Linking onto the celebrity title… it took Shah Rukh Khan or in this film Aryan Khanna a lot of hard-work and time to get where he is today. I loved how parts of Aryan’s journey was conveyed throughout the film indirectly.

Coming to Shah Rukh’s roles. He of course played two characters, one as himself as Aryan Khanna and one as FAN aka Gaurav Chandna. Both these roles were superbly played, but I was mostly at awe seeing him play Gaurav’s role. You will see hints of old-school Shah Rukh in Gaurav’s role. His expressions, the clothes he wears, and his hairstyle too of course. And then we see Aryan who is seen facing all sorts of emotions in a single day as a celebrity in addition to all the hype Gaurav creates in his life. This had to be one of my favorite double-role type films I’ve seen thus far in addition to Tanu Weds Manu Returns.

Of course I won’t give too much of the story line away, but the film and Shah Rukh’s performance was just excellent. There were parts of the film which felt slow, but there was never a dull moment on-screen. I loved that Maneesh took advantage of the entire screen space, and didn’t waste it on any item songs. In fact even the much loved track Jabra was not featured in the film, which I was totally okay with.

All in all, FAN was a great film and is definitely a must watch film of 2016!

Urban Asian’s review of FAN is,

4 stars