Posted on April 16, 2016 at 7:30 pm

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#CollabMaybe: Shweta Pandit kicking back with Major Lazer!

India’s singing sensation Shweta Pandit has always managed to wow the audience with her outstanding performances and nightingale like voice. So when the lovely lady took stage with the sensational electronic music band Major Lazer, the crowd went wild.


Their outstanding performance and synchronization at the IPL opening ceremony makes you wonder why haven’t they collaborated already. Just imagine how amazing it would be to witness the melodious voice of Shweta Pandit being matched with powerful tones and tunes of Major Lazer? Now that is what I call epic!

For now, Shweta fans can find peace in the fact that she will be hitting your television screens in a short while. The singer recently took center stage at the Global Indian Music Awards where she performed a selection of her most iconic songs.

Commenting on the same Shweta said,

“It was s phenomenal experience. I was able to go back to my roots and perform a selection of songs from Mohabbatein. A while into the performance a bunch of college students joined in making this a completely nostalgic experience.”

Speaking further she added,

“I also sang ‘You’re My Love‘ and ‘Thug Le‘ while giving shout outs to the audience. It was an electrifying experience!”

Shweta Pandit will also be seen handing away the award for Best Electronica Music at GIMA. This is an act you won’t want to miss!