Posted on April 1, 2016 at 8:02 am

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#AprilFoolsDay:What pranks celebrities pulled off on April Fools day?

It’s the day to celebrate pranks and pranksters of all sorts! This April Fool’s day, we come together in honor of those prankster who truly know how to pull one over your eyes. Like us all, our favorite celebrities too have their respect for the lovely jester who is all about spreading laughter. Check out the interesting pranks these celebrities pulled off on their friends:


Dhruv Singh : Once I was told by a friend to assemble for a party and I have to be properly dressed for the occasion. However, when I reached the location I came to know that it was a April Fool joke. If there is anyone I’d like play a prank on it is my bestie, Amal Sehrawat just to share some good funny moment with him.

Amal Sehrawat

Amal Sehrawat : I have a great sense of humor and don’t get offended by pranks. But I make sure to never play a prank on a sensitive person as I’ll feel more bad for hurting him or her. Whom would I like to play an April Fool’s joke on? Now that’s a secret.


Ankush Bali : I was made an April fool in school. I had a crush on a girl and my friends called me up and told me to get a gift as it is her birthday. So I went to her, wished her birthday greetings and gave the gift to her. Everyone fell off their seats laughing when she said, ‘Hey! Ankush it’s not my birthday!’ I played a prank on my friend once, saying that that I had met with an accident come and needed help, He got so annoyed that he didn’t speak to me for a month. I still bad about having played a prank like that. But if there is anyone I’d like to pull a fast one on – it’s my elder sister as it’s really difficult to fool her. I’ve been trying for so long, but in vain!


Anushka Ramesh : Once on April 1, a bunch of us hid one of our friend’s phone for an entire day. He thought that he had lost his phone. When we returned his phone that night, he got really mad at us as he was expecting some really important work calls. He didn’t speak to us for a week. After that we decided to never to play such a prank again. I got a call once on April Fool’s day, that one of my friends had met with an accident. I got really freaked out and rushed there, only to find no one there. I then got a call from my friend to tell that it was April Fool. I got really upset as I had left all my work to go there, but eventually we all had a good laugh. If there is anyone that would like to play a prank on it is the director of my film as the film is also releasing on April 1.

Himmanshoo Malhotra

Himanshoo Malhotra : Strangely no one has made me an April fool till today, though I would truly like to be made one at least once lol! I usually spend the day preparing for my birthday which is on 2nd April. I want to play a prank on my wife for once on April fool day ‘ She’s super fun and crazy. Playing a prank on her would be awesome, I’m thoroughly gonna enjoy it!


Meghna Malik : A call from a producer for an outdoor shoot made me prepare my bags for the travel ahead. Just when I was about to step out, I was told that it was a prank, but the exhaustion due to last minute hurried preparations made me lose my cool. I made a promise of birthday celebrations to a college friend, whose birthday falls on April Fool’s Day, but when the birthday girl landed at the venue she found no one there. I leave the rest to the imagination of the readers. As for making a fool of someone that day, I wish I could April fool God and make him plan things as I want them to be.


Sandeep Anand : Once I played a prank on my co-actor on my old show set. I called up another guy who looked like him only and when my friend arrived, I told him you’ve been replaced by the channel by this new guy. Needless to add, he was shocked. He was about to cry when I told him that it was a prank. Everyone on the set had too much fun on that. Once my director narrated an episode to me which was completely unbelievably, though we can’t do things like that on Indian television. He convinced me and we actually shot one scene even though I was uncomfortable. I later got to know that it was a prank on me. This year I want to make April fool of my director Shashank Bali as he is the smartest one I know and I love big challenge.

Krishna Gokani

Krishna Gokani : I was lucky and smart enough that no one ever played a prank on me. I remember once during my college exam days, I called one of our friend saying we have an exam and he is late and this might affect his whole year. The poor lad came all the way running and exhausted to college not realizing it was a holiday. Today, I would like to play a prank on my co-actor Ali Asgar as he is a very happy-go-lucky person, I am sure he would take that in a funny way.