Posted on April 1, 2016 at 12:01 pm

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#AprilFoolsDay: Kolkata Baabu Moshayes get punked!

No matter how cautious one can be sometimes, even the wisest of them all can get stuck in a muck! The same goes for our daredevil team Kolkata Babu Moshayes. The BCL team which is known for its wit and charm gets candid about times which left them susceptible to being punked. Check out what they had to say:


Nivedita Basu : I’ve been way too smart all my life. I can’t remember ever being fooled. But I would like to fool Salil Acharya as he’s too too smart. I want someone to nail him and that someone should be me.

Hiten Tejwani

Hiten Tejwani : Luckily I never became a victim. I’ve made a fool of many though, like call my friends for a party, which actually never happened. Now, if I want to fool someone, it has to be Naman Shaw and Aparna Dixit as they are too gullible and trust anyone easily.


Sayantani Ghosh : Somehow I have been intelligent, smart and lucky enough to have escaped the April fool pranks and since I have not been fooled I challenge my mates to try their luck.


Anuj Sachdev : Couple of years ago I was shooting for my Punjabi film Haani in Punjab on April 1, when I decided to play a prank on the cast and crew. I told them I am on maun vrat because of a family puja. I started talking to everyone in sign language. My director got worried because I was scheduled to shoot scenes that day which needed me to speak. I continued to play around for a while. I broke my silence finally when the director was completely worked up and told him that it was just a prank. Another person I would like to fool is Yuvika Chaudhary because it’s easy to play a prank on her as she is lost most of the time.


Amit Sarin : When I was dating my wife, she shocked me one evening by saying she is going back to New York for good. She said she’s booking her tickets, called her travel agent in front of me and confirmed to the tickets. I kept persuading her to change her mind. The next day she had all her suitcases ready. I requested all the friends, who were there to tell her to change her mind. They all bursted out laughing so loud, shouting, “April fool!” From my team, I would like to fool Nivedita Basu as it would be challenge. But there is a child-like quality behind a serious demeanor, so I know how she’ll react if I do succeed in pranking her – Nivi will burst out laughing and ‘I’m going to kill you now’ expression — it will be awesome to see that look on her face.


Sumeet Sachdev : While preparing for the annual festival in college, we would all stay back and work at the campus. It was past midnight, when a girl, my junior, came up to me and started crying. She accused me of having spread weird rumours about her and ran away crying in to the smallest studio. I was taken aback as I had no clue what she was talking about. I opened the door to the studio and found all the lights off. Walking in that dark room, I told her that she’s mistaken. And as soon as I said that, the lights came on and there were around 50 students who shouted ‘April Fool’. I wonder why was I the chosen one for this prank. Later I joined them to claim some more April Fool victims. It was fun.


Vindhya Tiwary : No one succceeded in fooling me as I was a naughty kid and fooled others. But mom always managed to tease about lizard. Once I pulled a prank on her. I called up on the landline phone in Varanasi. I changed my voice and told her that I am from a production house and wanted to work with Vindhya. She took down all the details and conveyed it to me. I made some more call as the person who wanted to work Vindhya. Finally, I laughed and told her ‘Kya yaar mom aapne meri awaz nahi pehchani ?”. In my team, I would like to fool Nivedita Basu as she’s intelligent and always alert; I would be happy if she gets pranked in a fun way.