Posted on April 14, 2016 at 3:30 pm

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Ankkush Baali launches his very own website!

Ankkush Baali, who changed the spelling of his name recently by adding an extra ‘k’ and ‘a’, has launched a website.

Ankkush Bali

Confirming the news, the actor gives details,

“The only objective is that people who are looking for information on my work and pictures need not go anywhere. Be it my profile, pictures, newsfeed, they’ll get everything on All my social media links are connected to the website – like my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.”

The internet, he says, has its pros and cons.

“Everything comes with pros and cons. The internet has not only created a lot of awareness, but also ruined many things. But I am sure India will be one of the super powers before we die,”

says the actor.

Ankkush is currently basking in the success of his film Jai Gangaajal, a Priyanka Chopra starrer directed by Prakash Jha. Ask if which medium he’s keen on working – TV or films, and he says,

“I am an actor and I’m always in search of good roles. So more than the medium it is important that I should love the roles I am doing; it should give me creative satisfaction.”

So is he happy with the way his career is shaping? He says,

“I believe only a dead person will be satisfied with anything. I am very ambitious and really hungry for more and more roles. I am a workaholic”