Posted on March 16, 2016 at 11:29 pm

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What's the Aanushka-SRK connection?

Model turned actress Aanushka Ramesh who will be seen in the upcoming Punjabi film Canada Di Flight had a fan moment when she bumped into the Jabra Fan guy – Shah Rukh Khan.


Aanushka says,

“I am being managed by this talent management company which is headed by a husband and wife couple and the wife also works with a company who handles SRK exclusively for his brand endorsements. When I came to know from them that he was shooting in the city for an ad, I requested them to meet him and it all just fell into place.”

When asked about how was her first meeting with Shah Rukh Khan the actress says,

“Well technically this would be my second meeting, since I have met him once in the past as well as we share the same dentist. I actually live very close to where SRK resides in Bandra and once when I walked into my dentist s clinic, he was there with his entire family getting his children’s teeth checked. It was such a cute scenario. This time of course it was a very different and professional setting. He was on a shoot and my main idea was to just observe how he works and learn from that, as I believe we can really learn a lot from our role models. The meeting was amazing and I was completely glued to watching him work and how he behaved. SRK is such a positive, patient and amazing human being, and completely focused on his work! I think I must have learnt more in those 2-3 hours than I did in the last one year.”

On being asked what is the best thing about Shah Rukh Khan she says,

“The best thing I like about him is that he respects women a lot. I have read his biography and he says that his dad died when he was very young, and he was brought up with mostly women around him- like his mother, sister, aunts etc. So he really respects women a lot which is also very obvious from his behavior and I think that is truly amazing.”

The actress further talks about Shah Rukh Khan upcoming movie Fan,

“I am completely excited to watch Fan. I love the Fan Anthem, and the way SRK has transformed himself for that role. He looks just like an ordinary next door guy. I think it should be a fabulously entertaining him. His Jabra Fan anthem has truly caught on. I am also signed up with #fame as a fame star and just in January SRK also got associated with #fame. Its a live mobile app which is one of the fastest growing platforms at the moment where you interact live with your fans. Lot of our Fame stars have made their own versions of the Fan Anthem which are going viral and people are loving it.”