Posted on March 18, 2016 at 12:54 pm

Bollywood Featured What's Happenin'

"What i have learned over the last couple of years is its not just the story its the whole package that matters" – Sunny Leone

Whether you’re a fan or not, one thing cannot be denied and that is that the gorgeous actress, Sunny Leone has taken Bollywood by storm. The actress has either been very well liked or hated, but she has never let that affect her or her performances. We sat down with the actress and got her take on what she looks for in films and how she handles her fame in Bollywood.



What do you look for in a script when choosing a film?

I look to see if I love the story. Also what I have learned over the last couple of years is its not just the story its the whole package that matters. Sometimes we don’t have a choice on all things but making sure you are clear on the project, producer, financier, marketing, the team, actors and so much more. So many things to the into consideration.

What are some things you do to prepare for your roles?

I do workshops and dialog coaching.

Despite the fact that you have proven that you can act, there are some people that don’t give you credit for your work and see you as a sex symbol. Does that bother you and how do you respond to people like that?

One of the main things that I care about is how my fans and the public react to my acting or the project that was chosen. I am very lucky to have so many amazing fans out there that love me no matter what I do. I try and do better in every project that I work on. so it doesn’t always matter what a few people think of me.

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What types of movies are you interested in doing?

I am interested in all types of movies. There is not one particular genre that I am gravitated to. I want to try new things and work on subject I have never done before.

If you could work with any actor and actress from Bollywood, who would you choose and why?

There is not one person I do not want to work with. I want to work with who ever wants to work with me. I want to make good films and focus on that. If i get a chance to work with a huge Bollywood star there would be nothing like it. I would be the happiest person on earth.

What does Daniel think about your Bollywood films?

Daniel loves watching Bollywood films with me.

Can you tell us a little bit about your upcoming projects?

The next two films that are releasing are One Night Stand and another one called Beiman Love. I also just launched my own perfume line called Lust by Sunny Leone, I have a teen pati game for google and iOS. I will be hosting a TV show this year as well.

Actors are often seen endorsing products. What is one product you would never consider endorsing?

Skin whitening creams and smoking tobacco products.

We are seeing more and more Bollywood actresses making their way to Hollywood. Would you consider an offer from Hollywood?

If it came my way then yes.

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How has it been hosting Splitsvilla?

I love hosting this show. Its so much fun on so many levels. Watching people and how things change through the course of the show is fascinating.

You have directed films before. Is being behind the camera something you see yourself doing in the future? If so, what type of Bollywood film would you like to direct?

No and I do not have any interest in directing. I would only want to produce films. Being a good director takes talent and also something that is learned. I would only want to hire the best of the best to work on projects I want to produce.

How have you been able to build your craft and art work as an actress in the film industry?

It has been a process that has been on going for many years There is no right way or wrong way to do things. Its all a test…test…test…process and if something works I stick with it. You make mistakes and you also learn from them. We also focus on working on things that bring out my talents and also lets me be creative.

Out of all the films that you have done, which has been the one you have been proud of the most?

Launching Lust, my perfume has been a very proud moment for me. This is something that I have always wanted to do and because of Bollywood I am able to make my dreams come true.