Posted on March 1, 2016 at 11:41 pm

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Sikandar Kher is back with a bang!

The recently-released Tere Bin Laden: Dead or Alive has hit home with the audience and so has Sikander Kher’s performance in it. The actor, who plays dual characters in the film, has been receiving a lot of praise for both his roles, as David Dosomething and mores for his performance as the potbellied Punjabi Hollywood producer David Chaddha.


Subhra Gupta from Indian Express says,

“The one actor hard to recognize under all the makeup who proves to be a complete funster is Sikander Kher in a double role as the Yankee operative assigned to the Osama job chewing on a broad accent which doesn’t drop, as well as the pot-bellied Hollywood producer David Chaddha. He is a hoot!”

Deccan Chronicle mentions,

“While watching Sikander Kher’s performance, you wonder where was this talent hidden all these years. Playing David Chaddha, he pulls off the character with so much ease that he actually is a relief in portions where the film goes haywire.”

Rahul Desai too is all praise for the actor, commenting,

“His transition from yank to yuck is a sight to behold, especially in the way he adjusts his neck-inbuilt dialect translation button.”

Mumbai Mirror says,

“This film belongs to Sikander Kher. To play the happy go-gaudy Haaliwood producer David Chaddha, he gets into a hairier version of the Nutty Professor bodysuit to pass for a Punjabi NRI with celluloid dreams. In both, he’s unrecognizable and committed. If only the dialogues were sharper, his character could’ve been legendary.”

With the actor getting a thumbs-up from the audience and the trade, it looks like Sikander’s second innings is indeed turning out to be very promising.