Posted on March 22, 2016 at 11:08 pm

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#SaveWater: World Water Day

World Water Day is on March 22. One thing you would do to save water and what would you like to tell people on World water day. The tinsel town actors tell us how they save H20. It’s always important to save water and ensure that we save the climate and environment in any way. Here are some ways these actors save H20 in the town!

Ssudeep Sahir– I think Ditch the shower and use the bucket “because with this you end up using just the amount of water that you need. We need to respect the resources which God has given us. Water is one of the resources which is most abused , the way things are going with the environment natural resources  will soon become a luxury and then we will all start using it scarcely. So why not start respecting them now!

Gunjan Utrreja- Shorter showers I thought is a great way to do our part for the environment. My mother enjoys gardening and I had often seen her using the water which we use for cleaning vegetables in later watering the plants. This way we reduce water consumption massively. On a daily basis if we consider the smallest of actions such as reusing bucket full of water used for washing clothes for cleaning our vehicles afterwards, checking our house for leaking taps and not leave the taps running while we brush our teeth are a few of the many measures we could take as responsible individuals.

Gunjan Utreja-7

Saurabh Pandey-I am a nature lover since my childhood days. With me its like I just can’t waste any kind of nature’s resources. When it comes to water I am very careful using it. You will find me in restaurants taking away the water bottle with me it doesn’t matter what others think it’s cheap or anything. Even I don’t ask for water in restaurants until I don’t need it.  At home also while taking bath or making shave or any ways I only open water tap when it is needed. This way we are just doing out bit to contribute to nature and for others who are in need of such resources. For us what’s easily available it’s a luxury for many people around the world. After all we all are connected to each other. This way we take care of others also. Save water and Give life.

Saurabh Pandey - in white
Shraddha Sharma – I would like to tell that water is very precious and they should not waste it. Even when my housekeepers and servants work in the house I strictly tell them not to waste water when they are washing utensils and clothes. I would not give my clothes to laundry and I would tell my housekeeper to wash it next day.I would not take long shower instead of that I would take short shower.I would tell my friends not to waste much water.
Shradha Sharma
Amal Sehrawat-I will play Holi with organic colors and no water , to save it. I would like to tell people , Water is precious , please use it safely and  save water . Jal hi jivan hai.
Amal Shehrawat in black
Ssharad Malhotraa– I wouldn’t play waterless Holi with dry colors. I don’t leave water in the glass when offered and ensure I don’t waste it. Everyone should ensure that water taps are closed before leaving for office for work.
Ssharad Malhotraa in yellow
Shivin Narang–  Water saving is a necessity be it Mumbai. Delhi or any other city. I will ensure that my cook and servants don’t waste waster in any way and always close taps. I feel we should use water with care instead of using it without thinking and we should ensure water doesn’t flow out of bucket when we switch know the tap which often happens.
Shivin Narang new-brown pic

Tinaa Dattaa- I have faced water crisis in my building. I use the water used for washing vegetables in my potted plants. I also feel one should not use excess water while getting the car cleaned.

Tinaa Dattaa in blue

Shashank Vyas– I am very particular about the use of water. I ensure that water taps and pipes don’t leak anywhere be it my home or gym. Whenever I see water overflowing or open taps I close them instantly. I also feel we shouldn’t spend excess water in bathing. We should use water carefully. Everyone’s initiative will help. After all boond boond se ghada bharta hai.

Shashank Vyas latest

Mrunal Jain- I will bath with one bucket water instead of shower for a month. I feel everyone should bath with one bucket water per day per bath. Water conservation should begin from you and your home. One should also use recycled water in gardening and in flush too.
Mrunal Jain close up


We want to know how do you save water?