Posted on March 12, 2016 at 2:25 am

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Ranveer Singh and Star Struck moment!

We have known from the day he stepped foot in the B-Town that his personality was easy, chill, and very touching person, any guesses who it would be? Ranveer Singh it is! From his blockbuster movies to him entertaining the audience at award functions, Ranveer is the man who has brought a lot of smiles on people’s faces.

Well today Ranveer posted another one of his epic dubsmash videos and you wouldn’t believe you accompanied him when making the video. Let’s just say it was a starstruck moment for the B-town hottie, as the Father of all motion posters Shah Rukh Khan decided to walk in from behind his movie poster for his upcoming movie “Fan”, making Ranveer faint. Trust me on this one you wouldn’t want to his this moment at all check it out,