Posted on March 9, 2016 at 3:00 pm

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Parisian Bollywood dancer proves she’s Shah Rukh Khan’s biggest fan!

The city of love, Paris, has always played a huge part in Bollywood and Hollywood films, so it isn’t surprising that Parisian Bollywood dancer, Donia Tanzi went all out to prove her love for the ultimate Bollywood hero, Shah Rukh Khan. As you may already know, everyone is eagerly awaiting the release of Maneesh
Sharma‘s upcoming film, Fan starring Shah Rukh with bated breath.

While the film’s promo caught everyone’s attention, their series of other promotional videos featuring real fans of real stars, including Shah Rukh also touched the hearts of many. Bollywood celebs enjoy immense popularity and often thank their stars for the fan following they amass during their career. However, sometimes fans go overboard to prove their love for their favorite star and get noticed by them.

Fan seems to be the story of one such obsessed fan. Who would know that better than Shah Rukh? The man has a humongous fan base all over the world including Germany, Dubai, France, Malaysia, Indonesia, USA, Russia, UK, Middle East, Australia, China, Nigeria & several other countries.

Going back to the city of love and Donia Tanzi, who is one of the best Bollywood dancers is a huge Shah Rukh fan. She hails from Morocco.  Bollywood musicals and shows have a major following in cities like Paris. Such shows combine all the ingredients of music, dance, costumes, drama, emotions- all packed in a show that lasts less than an hour.

Due to that, Donia has flaunted her love for Shah Rukh and has  become the biggest fan of Shah Rukh Khan. Some fans have been known to go to any extent to get a glimpse of Shah Rukh, others want to look like him. After featuring a ‘Fan‘ video by Yashraj Films, Donia got a chance to proved her love for his fan. She poses with the Shah Rukh mannequin and even photo-shopped her pictures with him.

Donia said,

SRK has become my obsession now and in coming future I will surely performing for him. He’s dead sexy. If I could hug him, I would melt. and will come down to India to meet him”.

Aww, isn’t that sweet? Check out Donia’s photo-shopped images below and let us know what you think of them.