Posted on March 15, 2016 at 2:13 pm

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"No two thoughts about doing bold scenes" – Patralekha

Patralekha, who has shocked everyone with her bold turn in ‘Love Games’ after playing a simple mother in ‘CityLights’ reveals that she took up the role of the sexy seductress Ramona simply because it was very challenging.

Love Games

“Things have always been unconventional for me. When I was 24 years old, I played a mother of a five-year-old which I don’t think many 24 year olds will do. Similarly, when I was offered to play Ramona, I saw a huge paradigm shift for myself on screen as an actor. As an actor it just gives you immense pleasure to play these different characters that are from two different societies, altogether. So, when Vikram Sir (director Vikram Bhatt) narrated the story, I just knew that I had to play Ramona,”

says Patralekha.

As for her sexy turn where she is openly lusting after her toy-boy played by Gaurav Arora, the actress adds,

“There were never two thoughts about the bold scenes or the bold dialogues because that’s who Ramona is. When a character is like that, you cannot want to tone down anything. The masala, the flavor of the character dies the moment you start to feel apologetic about playing it. So once I accepted the role I accepted all that came with it.”

Love Games‘ hits the big screen April 8th.