Posted on March 19, 2016 at 10:18 pm

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Musician Ali Ashraf releases a tribute single "Jeet" for Pakistan Cricket Team!

It’s cricket fever all over India and Pakistan!  Joining the cricket frenzy is singer/songwriter Ali Ashraf, who has released his new single titled Jeet as a tribute to Pakistan Cricket team’s participation in ICC World Twenty20. With this song, Ali wants to motivate the national team to fulfill their potential by fighting all odds and emerge as the winner in the current World Cup campaign ongoing in India. The video of Jeet features snippets of the most memorable moments of Pakistan’s cricket team from different matches over the years!

Speaking of the video, Jeet says,

“Cricket is and will always be more than a game for us: I have always been a huge Shahid Afridi fan and this song is my way of supporting the team to win this tournament under his leadership. India vs Pakistan is another instance where the team needs our full support and that was the inspiration behind Jeet.”

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