Posted on March 30, 2016 at 8:30 pm

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It’s “Victory” for Mr. Bolly!

Mr. Bolly (aka Mike Kapoor) is an Urban Desi Artist from Canada who is known for his ability to mix the sounds of the east with the sounds of the west to create a new vibe.  Now, he’s back with a power anthem that is sure to get you motivated and fighting to achieve your goals!  Mr. Bolly’s latest track, “Victory” truly is a victory musically as it manages to seep into your body.  It is a sweeping, cinematic anthem that will give you the power you need to overcome your struggles and focus on the passion and commitment that is needed to achieve your goals.

As you go through the track from beginning to end, the beat begins to take over to energize you.  One will notice the lyrics have a harder feel than the background music, but it is this distinction that really creates the magic in the track.  The track is produced by Sorin Pavelesco and may be one of Mr. Bolly’s strongest tracks lyrically.  Lea Longo, of Montreal, has also done a great job singing the mantras in the backdrop to the powerful rap.  Mr. Bolly turned to Sanskrit to come up with the title as in the old mantras that Lea sings, “Jaya” (Sanskrit word) means “Victory”!  This song has been selected as the official anthem of for 7 episodes this season, which has previously aired on Bell Fibe Tv 1.  As Mr. Bolly says, the track is like “burning fire meeting soothing water.” “Victory” will find solace in your hearts.  So, be sure to purchase it legally on iTunes here.