Posted on March 7, 2016 at 7:25 pm

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#InternationalWomensDay: Equalism not feminism!

Imagine being on a crowded train surrounded by thousands of passengers during the evening rush hour. You – a seated passenger, are about to get off the train. To the left of you is an elderly gentleman carrying a heavy load of groceries for his ailing wife, to the right of you – a young lady most probably in her 20’s. She’s shifting left to right as she tries to balance her aching feet on the six inch heels she’s had on at the office all day. Whom do you give your seat up to? Most of you would say the lady. It’s the right thing to do, it’s the feminist thing to do. Well, it’s time we think again.


For years women have fought long and hard for an equal place in society but nearly a century later, we have become the very enemy we detested. Take for example the gruesome controversy surrounding rape. The issue of rape is a major concern in parts of the South Asian region. While men with unlawful intentions are to be blamed for the heinous act, women are no less a culprit. On average, 10-15% of rape cases filed in India are false. Generally speaking, the women who file these cases are ones seeking power, unlawful revenge for a former rejection or money from the defendant. As the number of these false cases rises, the seriousness of actual cases is boiled down to a minimum. With an issue of credibility in rape cases, as well as the lack of reporting false cases are only adding to the crisis.

Along with legal issues, a false sense of entitlement is also a growing concern. Women, let’s not forget what we are truly seeking. We are seeking equality. When women began the feminist movement in the 20th century, they were not looking to over power men, they were looking to stand shoulder to shoulder with them with a sense of pride. When a women uses her femininity and not her hard work and dedication to achieve her goals, she is only harming the image suffragists have worked hard to achieve. Now I’m not saying take your man out to dinner and pay for him ever time, but learn to treat him ever now and then. He really does not have to pay for you all the time. Take your guy friends out for a movie and foot the entire bill. Hold a door open for a guy juggling a handful of groceries. They’ll actually learn to see you in a new light!

Now you must be thinking, what about the women who continue to burned alive? What about those who weren’t even given a chance to prove themselves thanks to female infanticide? What about the girls who are forced into prostitution and sold for petty cash? What about the glass ceiling? Yes these issues do exist and yes we must tackle them. But let’s do it with some dignity. Let’s do it without losing our true purpose and identity. Let’s do it with fairness and equality! This International Women’s Day, let’s vow to make the much needed change with positivity.

Note: I am a female. These are my own personal views and do not reflect the views of Urban Asian as an entity.