Posted on March 15, 2016 at 9:21 pm

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Hardcore Henry ready for its India release on 8th April!

Once every few years, comes a film that defies the way films are seen and consumed; the way stories are portrayed on screen. And once every few years, comes a director who has that unique vision.  Such films cause moviegoers to flock to theaters because there is something special about the film.  Come 2016, the world will get to witness one such phenomenon titled Hardcore Henry, Directed by Ilya Naishuller who makes his feature film debut. Hardcore Henry gives birth to a filmmaker who is being defined by international critics as the next cult director such as a Quentin Tarantino whose film-making skills and techniques are unique. The film premiered in 2015 at the Toronto International Film Festival winning itself the Peoples Choice Award, one of the highest honors at the leading film fest.

After winning accolades, the film is set to release alongside its international release on 8th of April in India. The film follows the intriguing story of Henry who is brought back from the dead by his wife. The film them unfolds as the audience experience the film shot as a first person perspective. Henry’s wife is abducted leading to mysterious circumstances and he must somehow with a bleak memory reach to the kidnapper Akan who is a notorious warlord. Unfortunately everyone is out there to kill him except a strange man called Jimmy who Henry could or could not trust. The thrill and action unfolds as things take sharp turns around the movie’s plot.

Hardcore Henry is being distributed and marketed in India by PVR Pictures.  Seems like this is a thriller worth seeing!