Posted on March 13, 2016 at 1:25 pm

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Five reasons why Dhyan is the cutest member of the Kant family!

Television’s iconic actor Pankit Thakkar turns another year older today (March 14th). After having delivered power packed performances on his previous shows, Pankit Thakkar has returned as the darling Dhyan of Bahu Hamari Rajni_Kant. On the occasion of his birthday, we give you five reason why he is the cutest member of the Kant family.

Pankit Thakkar


Now must be wondering why whimsical? Well take a look at that Dhyan, simply nothing affects him. Despite the surrounding chaos, Dhyan remains calm, composed and most importantly content with his life. His happy-go-lucky nature is his most important virtue.


As sweet as a cupcake!

You cannot deny the fact that Dhyan is probably the sweetest member of the Kant family. His vibrant personality and one liners courtesy nanaji, simply make you want run over and give him a hug.


Child-like heart

No matter how mature Dhyan becomes as a person, one thing will never change – his heart. Dhyan has a heart a child-like heart which reflects in his personality.


Dotting husband

Sharmila can do all things nonsensical but Dhyan turns a blind eye to it all. Not because he is ignorant, but because he loves his wife a little too much. Even when she’s turned away, he’s always looking her way after all he is the cupcake to her muffin!


Best of both worlds

The icing on the cake, the cherry on top and the dessert portion of an ultimate trio Dhyan is the best of both world when it comes to the three Kant brothers. While Gyaan is all about what the heart says and Shaan obviously about listening to his mind, Dhyan does a little of both which makes him perfectly balanced!