Posted on March 30, 2016 at 5:45 am

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Filmy Friday: Rocky Handsome Review

It’s not not exactly Friday anymore, but we still managed to make it to the movies today and got to catch the action-thriller packed film Rocky Handsome.


Nishikant Kamat’s film was brutal and intense. It had me at the edge of my seat at most points and by the end I had to take a deep breath in and let it out. Rocky Handsome is an adaptation of the Korean Film, The Man From Nowhere. I can’t compare films, but I am more than positive Nishikant executed almost the correct story on celluloid, after-all he the director himself also played the role of the main villain of the film too.

Between Nishikant, John Abraham and the little girl Divya Chalwad– all three of their roles were remarkable and memorable. In fact it may seem Shruti Hassan should be a main lead in the film, which indirectly she is, but both Nishikant and Divya were part of the core of the films story. The story was so grasping and surprising at some points. The twists and turns the film took is what made it so intriguing to watch in addition to the outstanding performances.


There were points I felt the film was dragged, or there were just too many of the same fighting scenes occurring. At the same time an action film with no action is incomplete. I definitely wish one of the item tracks were not included, but both item numbers did play a part with the story of the film. I just wish our industry would use a different method in incorporating ‘those types of scenarios’ instead of a standard item song.

Rocky Handsome is definitely a one-time-watch film. But it is not a film I’d want to see again. The film was grasping at some points, but I felt bored too. There was definitely a missing factor in the film which I cannot exactly pin-point.

Urban Asian’s review of Rocky Handsome is

2 1.2 star

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