Posted on March 17, 2016 at 12:43 am

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"Cricket is the soul of BCL!" – Sunny Arora

Box Cricket League kick started with a ton of excitement this year and it’s all thanks to three very special people. Television czarina Ekta Kapoor and Marinating Films’ Anand Mishra and Sunny Arora are to thank for yet another exciting run.

Sunny arora anand mishra

When asked about the success of the current season, Sunny Arora says,

“We are getting a mixed response. However one common response is that it is better than last year.”

Sunny also adds,

“Cricket is the soul of the show, so you will see a lot of competitive cricket in the show. The Celebrities at BCL players of all 10 teams have been practicing very hard despite their busy schedules, as they want to put up a good show, because nobody wants to lose.”

Commenting on the drama quotient in the BCL Sunny adds,

“The drama quotient is there as well , but it revolves around the game. You will see a lot of humor and fun moments in the on air episodes.”

Sunny feels this year the canvas is larger and that should be the dynamics of any intellectual property are. He says,

“It never remains the same through the seasons. Either it drops or increases. At Marinating Films , we have always tried to increase the scale of our projects every year. And the same goes for BCL. We will keep on increasing our standards year by year.”

Any incident you want to share from the matches or from your observations?

“The duration of the matches on ground has increased, as compared to last year. The teams are taking time to strategize on field to put their best foot forward. Also we are showing real Locker Room discussions and strategies to make it more real and interactive.” About Ekta reactions on BCL Sunny says,”She is happy with the results and always witness it on ground and also on air.”

BCL airs on Colors 4:30 PM every Sunday!