Posted on March 2, 2016 at 2:24 pm

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#BCL: When television stars look to the stars!

Ekta Kapoor’s much talked about sports reality show – Frooti presents BCL (Box Cricket League) Season 2 is set to get a novel and dramatic touch this year! While top television stars are set to battle it out in the indoor box cricket stadium, Ekta has gone a step further and brought the celestial stars in the mix.Before every match celebrity astrologer Shraddha Sala will be predicting the outcome of the game and will further guide the players and teams as to what choices they should make on the field.


The concept is much like that of Paul the Octopus. Paul the Octopus used to make predictions for the World Cup a few years ago and the concept became so intriguing that the creative team of BCL decided to add to the audiences entertainment in the form of Shradha Sala.

Sunny Arora, co-owner of BCL confirms,

Ekta and I decided to add this touch this season so that the audiences and the actors have something interesting to look forward to. Besides predicting the day’s game, Shradha’s inputs to players will be a source of motivation for the teams and will also make the matches interesting. The curiosity about who may win always gains eyeballs”

Shraddha Sala has so far been a well known astrologer, energy healer and tarot card reader only among the big society circles with loyalists such as Manish Malhotra and the likes, is finally opening up to the audiences worldwide!