Posted on March 18, 2016 at 9:47 am

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#BCL: "Dhoni is always calm and composed!" Shravan Reddy

Shravan Reddy is a multi-talented lad. The Krishnadasi actor recently stepped into the field to prove his love for cricket alongside BCL’s Chennai Swaggers but that’s not the first time he faced the ball. Shravan has been playing cricket since his early teens. He has been on both the under 16 and under 19 teams for his state.

Shravan Reddy

Like every player, Shravan has a lot of respect for his captain as well as the captain – MS Dhoni.

“It’s very enduring to see someone being so composed in every situation.”

says Shravan. Recalling his childhood moments he shared,

“I had broken the glass of my own house during my summer vacations while playing cricket and the next day afternoon I ended putting my hand on the glass getting a cut.”

Not being able to practice because of his shooting schedule the time he practiced before shoot , Shravan ended up injuring his shoulder.

Thankfully he has an amazing support system on the team. His good friends Rafi Malik and Mayank Gandhi have been there for Shravan when needed. Now that’s what you call team spirit!